This book was created inspired by children information books about series or movies. I aimed to create an immersive atmosphere that would interest children and the inner child. Using a modular grid, I changed up the layout to give each page a fresh feel. I used an earth-toned color palette to go along with the theme of the movie. The typefaces were chosen both in consideration of the movie style and the viking scripture. The look and feel of the book imitates the style of Hiccup’s sketchbook seen throughout the movie.
Project Brief
Consider a text (or texts) of my choosing. Using this text, design a 12-page booklet. The booklet was required to include images, as well as text styled as body, captions, sidebars and/or callouts, and folios. Emphasis was put on consideration the book's flow: What should the cover look like? How will the first spread introduce the appropriate tone? What kind of organizational structure do you utilize throughout? Carefully consideration was made towards scale, hierarchy, and the pacing of your book.
Course project for Typography I