Stephanie Collins

I am a senior design major in the Department of Design and Creative Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin. I graduate this May (class of 2018), but my greatest hope is to never stop learning. I never really left my “why” phase (it’s still one of my favorite words). I have always wanted to know about other people’s reality, so I ask a lot of questions. With that, I try to make sure my first one’s are “How are you doing?” and “What's on your mind?” I think that is why I am drawn to research and design. I can use those seemingly small questions (ones that are often overlooked) to tackle some of the bigger ones, like “Why isn’t this working?” and “Could this be better?” Because I want life, and the many things in life, to be better for as many people as possible. It is my aim to always have a question I am trying to answer. Below are some of the answers I have found.

A preventative health care program for you and your loved ones that consolidates resources and integrates preventative practices. Versed strives to help keep you in the loop, daily, before something serious happens because health care is complex but important.
User Experience | Service Design
Gilmore Girls Summary: Rory
Interface for iPad table ordering, and menu at pizza restaurant.
Big Fish: Kinetic Type
Animation | Typography
Passing Trains
Graphic Design | Editorial Design | Photojournalism
Digital Photography, Film
Informational book: How to Train Your Dragon
Remember those fan books you could get as a child about your favorite movies and shows? Well, here's to tradition! Dive back into time with my fan book of Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon. Inside you will find basic knowledge, fun facts, and trivia to keep you and your friends entertained.
Editorial Design